Dying Light 2 Reportedly Takes Over 500 Hours to Complete 100%


Dying Light 2: Stay Human has come out with a rather interesting sales pitch for players who seek to get value out of their games. In a small, but significant update about the upcoming game’s features, it’ll apparently take over 500 hours to earn 100% completion.

While this statement has been met with mixed feelings, the official Twitter account added some additional context. This is more just to clarify that this is to fully complete the game, not for people who want to play from start to credits. The campaign and sidequests would take somewhere between 70 to 80 hours.

This Twitter post made earlier today was making quite the rounds with people on both sides. To compare the estimated hours between how long side quests and the campaign would take to a full 100% completion is quite the difference. Of course, it really is up to player preference to make that call.

This can be seen as a good thing for people who want to feel value from their games.in recent years, there have been ongoing and polarizing topics about a game’s length in regard to their day one MSRP. If a game is at a certain price, then it should reflect that in terms of quality and length. This comes at a time where current-gen games, namely on the PlayStation 5, are now selling at $69.99 USD compared to last generation’s standard $59.99 USD.

People are going to be a lot more frugal with the increase of the prices of AAA games at launch, so they have more to take into consideration when buying them.

For people who want to experience the plethora of games coming out in the near future or have busy lives, this Tweet can be seen as a detriment to the game’s sales performance. Longer games take more time, which can be used to play other games.

The Dying Light franchise has been one that revolves around open-world exploration and survival. That can easily rack up player hours, especially when the gameplay loop is very solid from the first game.

In the end, even the people who run the official Dying Light Twitter account seemed to be aware that people would be divided about the 500 hours. They had to keep reiterating that to people who have the “less is more” mentality. It all boils down to player preference and what they want to accomplish in the games they play.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is set to release on February 4, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC.


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