Project Zomboid: How to Barricade Windows


Project Zomboid can be a brutal game at times. You will constantly find yourself in a less than advantageous situation. Whether you need to hotwire a car to escape from zombies or need to power up lights to see, this game will constantly have you making the best of a bad situation. One way Project Zomboid will keep you on your toes is by having zombies break into your base in the night. You may go to sleep in a safe house but could wake up to some unwanted guests. The best way to keep zombies out of your home is to barricade the windows. Let’s go over how and why you would want to do this.

How to Barricade Windows in Project Zomboid

The actual action of barricading windows is quite simple. Like many other things in the game, all you need to do is open the context menu of a window and you should have a barricade option. Of course, you will need actual materials to barricade the window with. The better quality of material you use to barricade a window, the better chance it has of not being broken by a horde of zombies.

The most basic barricade you can throw onto a window is a simple wooden one. to do this you will need a hammer, two nails, and up to four planks of wood. You can barricade a window with only one plank but the more planks you use the harder it will be for zombies to break in. You also don’t need any skills in order to create this barricade.


Recently Project Zomboid has added in two more barricade options. Both of these options are classified as metal barricades but are slightly different in how they function. In order to put up either of these window barricades, you will need a welding torch and welding mask. You can use either one sheet of metal or three metal bars with those tools to construct the barricade. However, if you use the metal sheet you will be unable to see through the window like you would if you used metal bars.

Both of the metal barricades have the same amount of health, but being able to see what is outside before exposing yourself is quite an advantage. When taking down metal barricades you will get the resources used to create them back. You will however lose the nails when taking down a wooden barricade. You do need the tools used to put up the barricades to take them down. If you are having any more trouble with Project Zomboid make sure to check out our other guides.


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